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Design Team with Years of Experience

Customized shelf design scheme。

Production, distribution and installation.

Shelf brand

More than 10 years shelf brand building

The Choice of Many Brand Enterprises

Solve storage problems for customers.

Direct deal

Have all kinds of talents

Enjoy low price and good service!

After-sale service

Use reassurance!

Perfect after-sales service!

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1、Tailor-made design scheme - - precise, perfect, safe-to-use scheme

2、One-stop Customization Service, Short Delivery Time, Save Time for You

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Baisheng cooperates closely with the pioneer of UAV-Dajiang Innovation

Baisheng cooperates closely with

Customer information: Dajiang
Case Profile: Cooperation since 2014

Router House

Router House

Customer information: Pulian
Case Overview: Since the cooperation in 2012, the relationship has been well maintained.

Million customers in the electronics industry

Million customers in the electro

Customer information: Xieqing
Overview of the case: Full cooperation for five consecutive years from 2013 to 2017

Pioneer in Printing Industry

Pioneer in Printing Industry

Customer Information: Heping Source Printing
Case outline: 2017 Hepingyuan Dongguan

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Shenzhen Baisheng Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd.Since 1997, European advanced technology has been introduced into the design and production of warehousing and logistics shelves, loft platforms, supermarket shelves and related supporting equipment.

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